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Sex Sells, Aids Kills – HIV – Understanding Risky Sex for Married Closeted Men & Straight Wives

Sex Sells, Aids Kills – HIV – Understanding Risky Sex for Married Closeted Men by Dennis Schleicher

Yes, it has been quite a long time since I’ve discussed the ramifications of living a secret double lifestyle. It continues to amaze me that the number of married gay men secretly living a double life that have no intention of coming out to their spouse/wife of their homosexual encounters. Yes, that’s you, the men that I talk to daily that believe, because you’re posing as “straight” your immune to the epidemic of HIV and AIDS. So let’s talk:

The HIV antibody can take up to three months to develop and be detected in a blood test after the virus has been transmitted. THIS is not to be taken lightly, and all people testing for HIV should first receive proper counseling as to its advisability in their particular situation. The decision to test for HIV must be an individual one, and no one should allow themselves to be coerced into taking the test.

Understanding Risky Sex

Following activities are considered to present the highest risk:

· Oral Sex: The HIV virus in semen and vaginal fluids will normally be destroyed by stomach acids if ingested. The risk of infection increases if your partner is giving fellatio or cunnilingus has any small sores, ulcers, or cuts present in your mouth or gums. To minimize your risk, condoms could be used or latex barriers can be used during cunnilingus.

· Anal intercourse without condoms: The blood vessels in the rectum can easily rupture with the friction of sexual activity, creating a high risk of infection.

· Sharing sex toys: You should not share any sex toys with your partner because of the risk of cross-infection of the virus.

· Casual sex and multiple partners: With casual sex affairs you will never know the full sexual history of the other person. EVEN if your told I’m FINE OR CLEAN. BIG RED FLAG!

· The use of condoms reduces your risk by 98%. Safer sex activities or just NOT having sex at all is only way to stay 100% clean. Many if not ALL of the married men I deal with day in and day out are not educated as to safer sex activities which leads to cross-infection to there straight wife’s at home.

The CDC: Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective: National HIV & STD Testing Resources:

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  1. rachel said,

    My husband of over 6 years hs came home with what i have researched as ring around the anul hole and torn clothes from behinde as well as poop stains and blood in underware. also he was dismissed for lack of moral character during all these phyisical signs as prision guard. i waited a long time to ask him and in anger he said im gay. he then said no he wasnt but i have stopped being in denial caus he hasnt wanted to have sex with me and still continues with those phyisical signs. last nite i noticed after 3 wks seperated that he had markings around his anus and washes his underware sepertatley from our clothes. i finally cried after he couldnt get off to him and toold him to tell me the truth and no cheating. he got so angery but then said what do u thnk. and i said i think u r bi r gay. he then says just drop it and turns away from me and i ask him what do we do now and he said nothing. i have 3 boys with him. he is so angery and i cant seem to make him understand or get him to accept it himself. help us

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