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With Hopes of Returning Home as a Functional Straight or Heterosexual Family

This poem was sent to me by a wife of the gay husband, who is in such denial that she couldn’t accept her husband’s double lifestyle as a gay married man. As she was pleading, please stay…
Here We Go Again
Please just let me in again
We have so much to do
There is not much time,
For what we need to get done
We wasted the first part of
Now there is nothing left
Too much time has passed
I some how forget the day
Because I closed my eyes,
And you slipped away
But you won’t do that
Or maybe you do not need me,
Like I need you
Accept me as I am
You knew me my positive ways
Now we need to find a new way,
To make this thing work out
What do you have to say?
I have given my plea
Please don’t reject me
You can see what I am worth,
Understand where I may be
For that is the purpose of our lives,
Is to be together,
As a family the way we have been for the past 15 years…
—-Sandy C

2 Responses to 'With Hopes of Returning Home as a Functional Straight or Heterosexual Family'

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  1. Jennifer Evans said,

    help i think my boyfriend is gay
    advise me!!!!

  2. GT said,

    I think what is being entirely overlooked in all of this is the married couple integrating the new gay angle into their own sex life. This would necessitate the husband and wife being in love and very loyal to each other, and would involve purely sexual relationships with other men, not romantic. I know because in my case that’s exactly what I want to do, I want my wife to join and find guys who would enjoy her and then me, both of us together, and also explore femdom and my wife strap one on and take the male lead sometimes. I think it’s way too common for men married or not to come out as gay these days to be such a big deal. What the heck is the problem?

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