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Sexual Secrets of your Husbands

Posted in Coming Out,Gay Husbands,Gay marriage,sexuality,Straight wives by gayhusbands on October 1, 2009

Sexual Secrets of your Husbands
By Dennis Schleicher
Are you a wife who knows their husband is keeping a secret? Can a real man confess the truth about his secret life? Telling the truth for the many men in my support group is often easer sad than done.
If you are not willing to forgive you will be stuck in this mess for life. Even when you let go of your gay husband this process is powerful.
Being gay is not a mistake rather it’s the truth of your husbands natural sexuality.
Non-forgiveness will lead to being cold single person existents of miserable lessons to learn for life.
In any relationship contentious issues arise. When it comes to cheating, well, this may require many hours of counseling.
When I counsel x-wives there is a big fear of sex. {To find therapy in your area send Dennis an e-mail or post on this blog.}
Lying about an affair is often the norm. Not being faithful to your wife is both emotionally & physically draining.
When a wife catches you having an affair, her entire world as she knew it today, just fell apart. What makes this worse is when we lie about it. Yes it’s very easy for men to lie about their sins of lust. The honorable thing to do is to come clean and tell the truth.
Yes, you may and should lose your wife in the process if you still have sex with men. At least you did not continue to carry your lie.
When you cheat, be a real man and tell the truth to your wife and loved ones.
Be Safe,
Dennis Schleicher
Best Selling Author of; Forbidden Love with a Married Man: E-mail Diaries by Dennis Schleicher
Recommended Therapist:
Bonnie Kaye (215) 288-6959
Angelo Pezzote (917) 673-5003 or
Both are best selling authors and available for phone sessions
The Gay Husband Checklist for Women Who Wonder by Bonnie Kaye
Bonnie Kaye’s Straight Talk: A Collection of Her Best Newsletters About Gay Husbands
How I Made My Husband Gay: Myths About Straight Wives

Straight Acting: Gay Men, Masculinity and Finding True Love by Angelo Pezzote

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