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Relationship Coaching in the Comfort of your Home

Relationship Coaching in the Comfort of your Home

Talk with a counselor in comfort from home. Online counseling is easier and more convenient than seeing a therapist in person. You can keep your privacy and choose to remain anonymous. Nobody else needs to know. Save time and money, start feeling better. Work out what to do next in your life. Online Counseling lets you choose from email, instant message chat, phone or webcam sessions with an experienced therapist. These sessions happen over the internet in the comfort of your own home or office by phone or Skype. You discuss anything that is important including finding direction or motivation, feeling happier and what to do about specific problems related to your relationships, thoughts or experiences. You can access confidential online counseling from anywhere in the world. For more information on fees or to make a appointment contact us @

Your privacy is important. Online counseling lets you speak to a therapist from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere in the world that your business takes you. Phone or webcam session (60 minute sessions) You can choose either webcam or voice only. At the first appointment you can discuss your expectations and how you came to be seeking counseling or therapy. Instant chat (60 minute sessions) Text based counseling. This is a good choice if you can type and prefer not to use the phone or webcam service. The Skype application will provide you with a text record of the session. I prefer the phone or Skype. Email Exchange Send an email of up to 1000 words. You will receive written reflections and questions to assist you. The main benefit of email counseling is that you decide when and how often you write.

About Dennis

working as a relationship counselor and Tantric Coach for 16 years and has worked extensively with Tantric Sex Coaching, Blogging, Radio Show, working with men, woman, straight or gay wishing to explore or celebrate bodies. Tantra literally means a “tool for expansion.” Outlining for spiritual transformation. Learning highly orgasmic techniques for reaching new heights of sexual arousal & intimacy. Dennis is considered a guru in relationship shifting that breaks traditional notions of what a couple should be. Men, Women that have denied their true sexuality in order to follow societal norm of the traditional marriage scenario are increasingly finding other options to “coming out”, families suffer collateral damage of lives that will forever be changed. Is there anyway to know my husband is gay? Support for the other man, gay husbands, straight spouse & wives of gay men. “Coming Out,” is not an event. It’s a lifelong process of overcoming learned shame and increasing self-acceptance. I advocate that all gay men must strive to come out – fully. No one can truly be happy and thrive in the shame and secrecy of being in the closet – fully or partially. Dennis Schleicher Best-Selling Author “Forbidden Love with a Married Man.” and has been a support group counselor working with all kinds of Coming Out.

  • Developing a Lasting Gay Relationship

  • Tantric Kissing, Sexual Energy

  • Developing a healthy Gay Relationship

  • Erotic Foreplay and Massage

  • Is He Gay? Straight, or Bisexual? What are You?

  • Multiple Orgasms

  • Sex to a Deeper Level, Peaking Together

Dennis’s approach has helped many and can help you to achieve the ultimate pleasures in your life. He has been called the ultimate Tantric Sex coach that will become your must-read for every man, woman, straight, or gay wishing to explore, confirm or celebrate our bodies. Dennis uses collaborative & narrative Therapy – practices influenced by the work many Doctors. He takes an interviewing approach instead of ‘advice-giving’. This model of therapy is gentle and respectful but has powerful results and to the point!!!

What Can Gay, Lesbian Bisexual & Transgender Counseling Do for You?

Do you need some support? Or are you wondering if you might be gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Talk online and keep your privacy secure. It’s confidential and easy.

Our Therapy takes a respectful approach to:

Questions about how or if to tell others about your sexuality

Could you come out to your wife or loved ones.

Relationship issues

Feeling better after a relationship ends – how to move on.

Bullying and harassment at work, or elsewhere

Loneliness, how to find or make friends

Concerns about internet use Sex related problems,

Tantric coaching Wanting to feel happier with life and your relationship with your self.

Dennis has many years experience assisting other gay men, lesbians, bisexual people and others dealing with sexuality. Or if Dennis is not the one for you his years of working in coaching he can help you find the Therapists for you.

Be Safe- Dennis Schleicher

Best Selling Author of; Forbidden Love with a Married Man: E-mail Diaries & Support Group Counselor

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  1. Open to gay high school students to college students to young adults.

    Open to Gay,Lesbian,Bisexual,Teens,Adults,their
    friends parents,family members.
    We have a social time playing games and talk
    with each other and we some time have speakers.

    Date and Time: Next Meeting is OCT 11, 2011 (Tue) 7PM to 9PM

    Quest Speaker: Ashley Planned Parent Hood.
    7:30pm-9pm general meeting/socialization
    with potential for dinner at local diner.

    web site:

    65 Halsted Street, Clinton,NJ 08809

    Gay Teen Support Groups NJ

    Open to high schools to colleges students and young adults and there friends and family member. We have all types of member from high school students to college students to parents and staff from school. as we are a support /social. There member who need some to talk to as parents and staff member from school what to hear from gay young adults. As the member are grow more people are hang out with other. as the parents and saff from college what guest speaker for the young adults. the young adults what a place to social with other gays and all this is happen here in NJ at the Clinton Library. As we have there member who what to help out the group by what to learn more about gay life syle it great so people what to help out as there member right now who are not gay but what to help as they come to the group to listen and learn things from the group. I know this group and good thing will come up from this social/support as parents are said there young are happy and start to feel better about them self. As there stright young adults who come to the meet to lean what some gay people have to go throught and are happy to hang out with us and said we all the same people.

    see gay forums at

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