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Why do you need to know if you have a Gay Husband? Tell Us What You Would Do?

While some people have argued that a marriage can survive with one heterosexual spouse and one gay spouse, the majority of research points in the opposite direction.

There are certain instances of women discovering that a husband is homosexual and still accepting him as a gay spouse. This is seen most particularly in a scenario where children are involved-wife wants to keep the family together, no matter what it takes. The need for the children to have their father around and the desire to model a traditional family is often so overwhelming that some women place their mental health and emotional wellbeing at risk.

Be Safe-

Dennis Schleicher Author of; Forbidden Love with a Married Man

Tell Us What You Would Do?

2 Responses to 'Why do you need to know if you have a Gay Husband? Tell Us What You Would Do?'

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  1. GoldenInside said,

    I left my marriage after 10 years and that was 9 years ago. Two years into our separation he moved in with his gay partner. He has never admitted to me that he was gay. I was wondering why the relationship felt incomplete; why I fell out of love with him. Now that I look back all the clues were there: he denied his affairs with a boyfriend was anything more than experimentation, he loved keeping the house super clean, he loved grocery shopping and cooking and took over all those household chores that gave me meaning (I just couldn’t do them fast enough for him), he loved swimming at the local pool and working out at the gym, he didn’t mind going away on long business trips for weeks on end leaving me at home with the kids. Marriages between straight wives and gay husbands do not work. My self-esteem took a major blow and it took me close to 10 years to rebuild myself. Now I can assist and support others after real life experience and over $30,000 in personal development and professional training. I also blog at and would love to hear your comments.

  2. bob said,

    plese send your registration for your trust i send the stste of ct and they had no record bob

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